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A website is like a store or billboard. If your store is messy and unorganized, your customers will either spend too much time looking for what they came for or worse – they’ll simply leave. Likewise, your billboard is virtually useless if it doesn’t convey a clear message within the first few seconds of being viewed. A website is the same. Through our marketing expertise and design and technical skills, Marex Systems can ensure your site achieves the results you want.

Web Hosting
At Marex Systems we only host web sites that we develop, run, maintain and support. Yes, there are cheaper hosting plans elsewhere but the design and development costs will bankrupt you. We want to make owning a web site affordable.

Web Design
Our basic package is an ideal solution either for your company or for your personal needs and is affordable. For $5 a month you too can have your own website. Think about it - the cost is less that you spend on your cell phone usage fee.

In order to keep our prices so affordable, we have created several layout and colour themes to choose from.

With this package you can get started in the right direction by having a small yet custom designed website created. With this package we will make the most of your small budget and give you a really good looking website. If you want to make updates to your website you will have to come back to us.

You have the ability to login and pick different styles and change the colors of the background and text, but you can not change the overall layout. Make sure to take a look at the samples first to see if this is a fit for you.

Content Management
Our content management system is full of value-added features that give you the ability to add and update pages, images, files, links, maps, and more. Simply send us your content changes in Microsoft® Word format and we will make sure the changes are made.

Dynamic Web Sites
Marex Systems International builds dynamic websites.
A dynamic site is database driven. Every common element on the website will know to 'look' to a central database for the content of the page. By implementing simple controls which allow you to easily manage the content of your site, a website can now be much more responsive to the changing needs of your business.

Multiple users can be created for a single website, each with different levels of access to the information stored within the system. No technical expertise is required to manage a website in this way.

In addition to such standard information management tasks as the creation of pages, or the addition of images to pages, Marex Systems International can build and smoothly integrate further data-systems into your website as required.

Custom Website Development
Website development is a lot more than just pretty colors and pictures on a web page. Here at Marex Systems, we stay on the cutting-edge of technology by working with customers like you. If your project requires a new technology, for example AJAX, we will weigh the costs and benefits of that new technology to make sure it is the right fit for your project. We will not use a new technology just because we can.

Our world class development team does both new software projects based on your ideas, as well as fixing or extending old legacy software. Our proficiency in developing a wide variety of software allows us to develop software beneficial to any industry. Every project has unique needs but here are some sample areas of experience where we can provide high quality software in reasonable time frames:
  • Database Software
  • Analysis and Consulting
  • Interactive Websites (dynamic websites)
  • Legacy Integration
  • Handhelds
  • Distributed Systems

Additional Services
You may also add features to your website hosting package at any time. Some of our additional services include:
  • Databases Support
  • Email Only Hosting

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